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Core Coaching is a unique approach which gets right to the core of any presenting issue by creating deep ongoing change in your relationship with your mind and emotions. While most coaching focuses just on creating external results, Core Coaching allows clients to find happiness no matter what is going on in their lives and from that place of acceptance, the law of attraction and abundance can really start working. When we learn how to be truly content with who we are and what we have in the present moment, we automatically start being able to create and attract more of what we want into our lives.

Core Coaching allows you to get right to the centre of what is stopping you experiencing true fulfillment and shows you how to master your mind, free up your feelings and express your deepest desires in an authentic, open way. While most people strive to get certain results in their life as they believe that this will make them happy, if you go for happiness first, then manifesting is a completely different process of simply allowing the natural flow of abundance to come to you. Abundance can come in many forms- financial, material, friendship, love and ultimately a connection with something bigger than yourself. Once you have established this connection and openness then life becomes an effortless process of gratitude, simplicity and fulfillment.

Imagine having someone there to guide, encourage and support you and to hold you accountable to creating the reality you want moment by moment. Core Coaching helps you develop more awareness, clarity, direction, self-confidence, new perspective and a sense of priority. Having someone there to educate, inspire and assist you through the many distractions, busy-ness and obstacles that inevitably surface during everyday life, can make that vital difference in allowing you to achieve the levels of happiness and fulfillment you’ve always dreamed of.

Core Coaching is available through video Skype or phone sessions.


Core Coaching uses a unique combination of the following approaches:


Transpersonal psychotherapy is for those of you wishing to go deeper through the issues that hold you back in life. This ongoing work helps you to develop a greater level of self awareness, to find new ways of working with your thoughts and emotions as well as learning healthy relationship and communication skills.

Psychotherapy allows you to release past patterns of reaction and behaviour and to integrate whole new ways of being. Such an understanding can free you from restrictions in all areas of life. You will find your daily experience enhanced, enabling you to bring true freedom of choice and awareness into your reactions and decisions, thereby giving you a real experience of your own personal power and creativity.

Individual or couples’ sessions may include a range of techniques such as the following:

Voice Dialogue
Voice Dialogue allows you to develop an awareness and experience of your inner selves or sub-personalities. Sub-personalities are those aspects of ourselves such as the pleaser, pusher, critic or couch potato that serve important functions at different times. However if we are strongly identified with them, we are running on an automatic program that can cause problems in our all areas of our lives. Voice Dialogue offers a process where these aspects are identified, examined and then objectively looked at from the vantage point of the “aware ego” or the neutral observer. At this point these aspects can now be more consciously integrated so that we can use them when we need them and let go of them when they’re not relevant. After all at the end of a hard day at work using the “pusher” sometimes we need to be able to let go and be the “couch potato”!

This process teaches you to become aware of your thoughts and feelings so that you can just observe them without becoming entangled in your reactions to them. From this clear place you can experience the transient nature of thoughts and emotions. A clear mind allows mental activity to be optional whilst an open heart allows you to remain open to whatever emotions might be felt without turning to old defence systems. With these practices you can experience something beyond them that remains content and peaceful irrespective of life conditions.

The technique of meditation allows the mind to become still through focusing on a single point. It teaches you to remain mindfully aware as you explore the inner terrain of your being. You develop a neutral awareness that can allow old stresses and tensions to spontaneously unblock from your system. This experience often reveals a stillness beyond thought that awakens your natural energies and opens you to an ever deeper experience of happiness and peace.

Dynamic Facilitation
This process uses connected breathing to unblock stored emotions and access deeper levels of awareness and expression. This can encourage you to allow emotional release as well as experiencing deep transpersonal states to facilitate profound transformation.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful mental pattern breaking technique based on the understanding that emotional patterns run through meridians or pathways in the body. Using guided gentle finger tapping on specific points on the body whilst the emotion is being felt allows the release of negative emotions and limiting beliefs in a gentle yet highly effective way.

This allows access to subconscious feelings and can help to clear them again without having to relive past events and feelings.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
NLP has some great techniques to clear emotions that often work without having to trawl though all the past events and feelings.

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Core Coaching Programmes include:

Elevate Core Coaching

This 3 month programme is suitable for people wanting to reduce stress or procrastination in their lives. You will fast track your transformation and learn the basics of applying Mind Mechanics and Emotional Ease to all areas of your life to create increased happiness, more consistent results and a new level of fulfilment.

The Elevate Programme includes 6 one-on-one video Skype or phone sessions which last around an hour and a quarter. You will be given homework to do and also receive unlimited email support during the 3 months.

Liberate Core Coaching

This is a 6 month programme which is suitable for people who know that they need to make radical change in their lives. You will have a profound shift in how you experience yourself and the world which will allow you to become more peaceful, open and happy in all situations and to create a truly abundant and fulfilled life.

The Liberate Programme includes 12 one-on-one video Skype or phone sessions which last around an hour and a quarter. You will be given homework to do and also receive unlimited email support during the 6 months.

Business development Coaching


Escalate Business Core Coaching

This 6 month programme is for those people wanting to boost their business results from the inside out. You will receive an evaluation of your performance levels in key business areas and then develop a strategic plan to achieve your business goals. Laser Results coaching will focus on achieving objective targets and also clearing internal blocks that may hinder success.

The Escalate Business Core Coaching Programme includes fortnightly 12 video Skype or phone 30 minute laser sessions. You will be held accountable to carefully prioritised goals between each session.

Relationship Renovation Programme

This is a 3 month programme suitable for couples who need to renovate their faded relationship. Do you know, deep down, that you’re destined to have a better relationship? To be a model of a connection that is both close yet allows both partners freedom to be who they are (yes, you can have both!) and to be an inspiration of caring relating to children and family around you? You will learn what really causes disconnection in relationship and receive processes for successful communication, re-building intimacy and firing up that spark again.

Relationship Renovation includes 6 video Skype or phone 90 minute couple’s sessions. You will both be given homework to do in between sessions. You will also receive 1 Fight Fair 15 minute Power Call and unlimited email support during the 3 month programme.

Conscious Relationships

Relationship Revolution Programme

This is a 6 month programme that create a radical revolution in your relationship to turn it into the most fulfilling, loving experience of your life. By far, the biggest outcome is that by learning what really causes the conflict and challenges in your relationship, you can not only solve it but also use your love to heal your past, grow yourself to full bloom and reach your full potential as a human being. You will find more love within you than you thought possible and yet it won’t just be for your partner, you will find peace of mind and you will discover more parts of you than you ever knew existed. You will step into your true self, open your heart, calm your mind and become the best partner your spouse could ever want.

Relationship Revolution includes 12 sessions which will be a combination of individual and couple’s 90 minute sessions. You will both be given exercises and reading to do between sessions. You will also receive 3 Fight Fair 15 minute Power Calls and unlimited email support during the 6 month programme.


To apply for a Coaching Programme please contact me to arrange a complimentary 30 minute consultation to assess your needs. Call 08 9468 9688 or contact me here

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