“The Personal Development Handbook”
by Annie Stoker

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New Book by Annie Stoker This is the first book in the Life Handbook Series. It is a guidebook to you. It blends age old spiritual wisdom and modern psychological practicality to deliver a profound yet simple guide to being happy for no particular reason.

This book will help you look below your goals, activities, thoughts and emotions to find out what is really driving you. You will move beyond who you thought you were into a whole new way of being happy no matter what turns up in your life.

In this book you’ll discover:

  • How to eliminate depression, anxiety and stress
  • How to be calm, content and free no matter what life throws at you
  • What sub-personalities are influencing you without you even knowing about them
  • The most common mistakes people make that cause unhappiness and how to avoid them
  • The real purpose of personal developement
  • Why going after your goals will never make you truly happy
  • The secret building blocks of you

This book is not another self- help manual on how to get enough money for a new car, better washing machine, to be slimmer or like your partner more. It is about truth. The truth of you!

You see we tend to think that our minds are us, that our thoughts are real and that our personalities are who we are. In reality, a large proportion of what you think, how you feel and act is just the result of how you’ve been programmed.

There is much, MUCH more to who you really are! Once you can uncover what isn’t real, then a depth of awareness appears that sustains you no matter what is going on in your life. Happiness isn’t the ultimate goal. Freedom is! You can be free whether you are happy or heartbroken. Whether life goes your way or it doesn’t. You CAN find peace of mind for no reason. The Personal Development Handbook opens that door and shows you the way.



“This is a book that can change your life. It can uplift and inspire you, as well help you to make the improvements you want. To make changes, it is necessary to know how you have been set up to be who you are and what exactly you need to do, so you can move forward in your life. Annie Stoker’s Personal Development Handbook gives you both. It is thoroughly researched, the subject is completely explained, it is filled with methods you can apply, and is laid out in a step-by-step way. Save yourself a decade!”

Michael Domeyko Rowland, Author of Absolute Happiness and Producer/Writer/Director/Actor of Being in Heaven

“It is so important in this age devoted to shopping and exotic excitements that we are offered a book that can lead us onto a more enduring and meaningful path. In these times of uncertainty only the inner journey offers a haven for the soul. The Personal Development Handbook is a book for our times”.

John James PhD, Author of Notes to Transformation and The Great Field.

“I’ve always been impressed by Annie’s strong commitment to her path of personal growth. Over the years she has developed a tremendous knowledge and experience in a broad variety of personal development techniques, which include Voice Dialogue, meditation and other spiritual practices, holistic health and healing.

Annie has distilled her understanding into a clear, easy to read and practical guide”.

Dr John Coroneos MB BS Hons (UNSW) Sydney, Australia, Medical Doctor and Producer of The Voice Dialogue DVD/CD Series

“The Personal Development Handbook provides an incisive, clear path through the endless self help arena. It’s the user’s manual you wish you were born with! Don’t miss a word- your happiness may depend on it”

Dr Joanna Martin, Founder of Shift Enterprises

“I have often wished my brain came with an instruction manual. I have spent many years and tens of thousands of dollars on seminars seeking insights. In “The Personal Development Handbook” Annie makes transformation simple, clear and accessible”

Jo Munro – International Speaker, author of “Six Figure Women

“The Personal Development Handbook is a fantastic guide for anyone wanting to create more success, wealth and happiness in their life”.

Darren Stephens – Best selling author of “The 10 Day Turnaround”

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‘Ms Millionaire’

by Annie Stoker and 15 other Australian women $29.95 plus postage

‘Ms Millionaire’ is a compilation of the rags to riches stories of 16 ordinary Australian women. I was honoured to be one of the co-authors in this sequel to the international bestseller ‘Mr Millionaire’. In my chapter I talk about how vital your mindset is not only in creating wealth but also in being happy no matter how much money you have. I also explain how my own background created both the negative and positive drivers for change.

‘Ms Millionaire’ allows you to get up close and personal with women who have gone from broke to successful through their own innovation. You will get inside their minds to learn their techniques for success and what drives them to be the top money earners in the country. Their stories are absolutely inspirational.In this book you will discover:

• How to achieve financial freedom fast

• How to turn your passion to profit

• How to create the ultimate lifestyle business and have it all!

• How to live the life of your dreams

• How a millionaire mindset is everything and how to achieve it

• How to use what you already have to make millions

• How to attract abundance in YOUR life

We shared our success stories in the hope that you will be inspired to follow your dreams and live the life you want too.

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‘Property Is A Girl’s Best Friend’

Property Mindset chapter by Annie Stoker   $29.95 plus postage

Are you an Aussie or Kiwi gal ready to try your luck in the property game? Have you got a little to invest but not sure where to start? Look no further! Property is a Girl’s Best Friend is the new girls-only guide to buying and investing in the Australian and NZ property market.

It covers everything from investing, property mindset, sorting out finance and tax strategies to finding the best real estate agent and researching and negotiating deals. Co-written by eleven popular experts at who provide step-by-step procedures, analysis and strategies to give readers from any background the education to gain financial freedom through property investment.

Packed with plenty of tips and tricks to get started (and stay ahead) in the property game, this comprehensive guide is a must-have for any woman looking to secure her financial future.

Property Is a Girl’s Best Friend

  • is a practical ‘how-to’ guide for women of all ages & situations
  • contains 11 engaging case studies cover women from all backgrounds
  • is written by some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s most successful female property investors including Annie Stoker who writes a chapter on Property Mindset – learn how to join the club!

Property Women is a high-profile, media-savvy company that has helped many women get into the property game and succeed

40% of Australian and NZ women over 50 will be single – property enables a secure future so make sure you get this unique step-by-step guide to building a secure property portfolio

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12 Months Master Your Mind Mentoring

Online and offline comprehensive personal mindset development

  • 52 Weekly e-classes
  • Exercises
  • Understand your life from the inside out
  • Learn about your Emotional Allergies
  • Find out how to change your mind- to be the way you want!
  • Discover your sub-personalities
  • Deepen your experience
  • Connect more with others
  • Become more present
  • Discover the true purpose of life

The Mind makes a terrible master but a great slave.  Make sure you know how to master your mind so you can master your life!

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 Know Your Selves Webinar Series

Have you ever found yourself vacuuming the floor for the third time that day? Or saying yes to something that you don’t want to do? Or keeping so busy that you never sit down, even though you’re exhausted? Or do you find yourself getting discouraged by a voice inside your head that tells you off, even when you know that you are doing perfectly well in life? Or do you find  that however hard you work you never get as much money as you think you deserve?

All these experiences and many, many more, point to the sub-personalities that are actually causing you to think, feel and behave in ways that you’re not even aware of. Unless you learn about these different parts of you, they WILL keep running you in the same way, causing you to have the same feelings, reactions and results year in and year out.

However, there IS a solution! Just knowing about these sub-personality already gives you the chance of change. It is impossible to change something you’re not aware of, so awareness is the first and essential step. There are many different sub-personalities to learn about, however, there most people have between 4 and 6 main ones that they get stuck in most of the time.

These include:

The Pusher wants you to be busy all the time and feels that you are wasting valuable time if you sit still. This can create havoc with your health, relationships and peace of mind!

The Pleaser wants to make sure that everyone is happy all the time and that they like you. It avoids conflict at all costs and gets you to say yes even when you don’t want to which can cause underlying resentment and lack of fulfillment.

The Perfectionist wants everything to be perfect at all times and gets very anxious if they’re not. Living with a Perfectionist can be hard work, but being one is even harder as nothing is perfect for very long which creates an ongoing sense of something not being good enough.

The Protector’s role is to keep you feeling strong and in control by making sure you don’t feel vulnerable. It does this by creating defence or avoidance strategies which can shut you down from many opportunities.

The Inner Critic criticises you whenever you make a mistake and points out all your faults in a negative way that can leave you feeling inadequate and ashamed.

The Rulemaker is the sub-personality that wants everything done by the book. There will be rules for everything and everyone should be following them. This self sees the world in a very black and white way and can cause people to be inflexible, dogmatic, narrow minded and intolerant.

Over the next six weeks we will be taking one of these sub-personalities each week and examining it in detail.

For each sub-personality we will explore:

  • what job it does for you
  • why it does that jobColoured Eye
  • where it came from originally
  • what its fears are
  • how you can learn to notice when it has turned up
  • how you can learn to separate from it
  • what are its gifts for you
  • what its opposite is
  • what types of people you probably judge when you are in this sub-personality
  • how this can create conflict
  • how you can solve conflict  and transform relationships by understanding these sub-personalities
  • how you can have access to both of them in a healthy way
  • how to maintain ongoing awareness and live in the present

Find out what other people say about learning this information:

“Thank you Annie- you were very clear. I found the workshop very rewarding and I have the knowledge now on how to use my sub-personalities. Thank you so much.” – J. Allan, Road worker, WA

“Sub-personalities training was great for me, as it enabled me to realise I now have a choice. You were great Annie and made it very easy for me to learn. I got a lot of insights into myself which will only better my growth. Thank you Annie”. – C. Taylor, WA

“Well worth the effort to attend if you’re interested in pursuing your own personal growth. The trainings have been highly rewarding and exciting. I highly recommend the course to anyone. Thanks Annie.” – D. Daly, WA

“The training was great! It has opened up a whole new range of possibilities for being. Very exciting!!” – J. Rosenberg, Manager, WA

“Letting go of all my defences or my armour so to speak and understanding why and what purpose they served in my life was a truly liberating experience. Getting to my authentic self and learning that I do have a choice in the way I am in the world was priceless. Annie is a knowledgeable and supportive teacher and I am so glad she walked this path with me. Thank you.” – Zora Harvie, Counsellor, WA

“The realisation that sub-personalities control us and that we can learn to separate from them is, in my view, an essential tool for every human. To learn that we have the potential for every behaviour and conscious choice of when we use these energies has served to expand my awareness.” D. Marshall, WA

“You will learn amazing insights about yourself. You’ll discover aspects of yourself you never knew you had. You’ll deal with blockages and overcome issues you thought were insurmountable. You will see yourself in another light and become stronger, happier and freer”. J. Gillingham, School teacher, WA

“A life changing experience. All relationships are more open, honest and loving. I can now look at ‘negative’ thoughts and beliefs with curiosity and interest. I’ve found freedom being in life”. – Vickie Malho, Accounts clerk, WA

Developing this awareness transforms lives! Give yourself the opportunity to grow in a whole new way that will change the way you deal with yourself and other people forever! Click below to access this unique video series for just $347

Voice Dialogue Training – DVD set

This 3 DVD series introduces the underlying theory of Voice Dialogue and the fundamentals of the facilitation process. You will learn amazing information about how your mind and personality are structured. Voice Dialogue gives you an awareness of your inner selves and how they function in your life. This will enable you to release past patterns of reactivity and integrate whole new ways of being.

The information and techniques you will learn in this series can enhance your daily experiences, enabling you to bring true choice and awareness into your reactions and decisions, thereby giving you a real experience of your own personal power, creativity and inner happiness.

This understanding can free you from restrictions in all areas of your life to help you attain your relationship, career, financial and personal goals.

In this series we will be covering information on:

  • What is Voice Dialogue?
  • What are sub-personalities?
  • The structure of your awareness
  • How your sub-personalities have been developed
  • How to find your own primary and disowned selves
  • How to find them in others
  • The heavyweights
  • The stages of facilitating
  • The aware ego process
  • Working with energy
  • How to tie it all together when facilitating

This DVD course will give you the opportunity for comfortable self exploration and learning as well as developing basic facilitation skills for you to use at home.

It is suitable for anyone committed to their own growth and will greatly enhance private sessions with a facilitator as well as giving you the skills to begin using Voice Dialogue with a friend or partner.


Voice dialogue

“Thank you for the greatest weekend of mind learning and internal growth I have ever had” -G. Keath, QLD

“The results of Voice Dialogue are instant- so revealing in a very safe space. It’s revolutionary, amazing, powerful and sincere” – D. Holzworth, QLD

Finally I can breath out. The information learnt this weekend is invaluable” -D.Vaughan, SA

“I found this workshop to be fascinating, enlightening and freeing. I believe the material I have learned will make a huge positive difference in my life. Thank you Annie, the course was most enjoyable” – L.Ford, WA

“The past weekend has been an amazing opportunity for me where insights into my psychological self is concerned. The liberation that comes from knowing that I have the power and freedom to be the best that I can be and achieve my maximum potential using Voice Dialogue is awesome. Thank you!” – R. Srisethi, WA

“This course revealed to me without any doubt that we human beings are composed of a multitude of different selves, all arising from different circumstances and events, then running our lives. For anyone really wanting to understand themselves and by extension the variety of relationships in their lives, this course, ably and sensitively conducted by Annie Stoker, is the best they’ll find” – P. de Laeter, WA

To celebrate the launch of my new book on sub-personalities, Voice Dialogue and personal development we have a special offer for you:

Voice Dialogue Training

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 Speaker’s Mindset Makeover

8 Downloadable digital videos

How to Breakthrough Procrastination and Skyrocket Your Speaking Career!

In this ground breaking video series you will discover:

  • The real reasons you may not have achieved the level of success in speaking that you deserve
  • Quick and easy strategies that could break through procrastination and increase your income this month
  • While some people get into massive action and some get stuck in the mud with their wheels spinning
  • Simple strategies to help you get booked and get the gigs that others envy
  • How your sub-personalities may be sabotaging your success without you even knowing about them

If you want to be a successful public speaker, no matter what your topic, YOU are ultimately your message. Make sure that you are in the best state you can be on stage so that you have your audience spellbound from the minute you walk on! You need to learn how to master your mindset minute by minute and deal with every eventuality gracefully. Mastering yourself should be your priority! Once you have done that your delivery becomes authentic and fluent and your audience will digest your every word.


“Annie has a profound spiritual depth that allows her to navigate any issue with timeless wisdom usually only found in ancient temples on high mountains! The Voice Dialogue process looks deceptively simple, but within a few weeks I began to experience lightness towards life that I hadn’t felt in decades”.

Dr Andrew Morris, Wellness Consultant, Medical Practitioner

“Annie’s coaching gets to the core of what is happening on the deepest levels and I found an amazing shift in what was not working in my life. So much has moved for me that every area of my life, I feel confident, relaxed and clear in my mind”.

Helen Brougham, Massage Therapist


“I had the privilege of working with Annie Stoker through the Speaker’s Mindest Coaching program.  I went in thinking I was uncovering road blocks to getting up on stage and being a professional speaker, but in the process discovered these were the road blocks that were impacting upon my business and life.  Annie is a gifted and caring therapist who definitely tells you what you need to hear.  She introduced me to a fantastic tool called Voice Dialogue and some pesky sub personalities that like to run our lives without our conscious awareness.  Annie has helped me tune in to the advice of these helpful little guides, rather than letting them continue to run my life on auto pilot.  Gaining awareness of my ‘pleaser’ and ‘perfectionist’ sub personalities (just to name a few) has been liberating.

I really can’t thank you enough!”

Louise D’Allura- Revamp Professional Organisers

Full price $995

Special Offer only $695


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