Voice Dialogue Training

60 Hour Training

A Series of Four Weekend Workshops 9.30am to 5.30pm.


voice dialogue training

These workshops are a unique opportunity to learn how your personality is structured and how it functions. This understanding will greatly enhance your relationships, communications, creativity and intuition as well as giving you a fascinating new perspective on your experience of life. You will develop within you a centred, aware space from which you can effectively and easily direct all areas of your life.

There are Four levels of training plus practice evenings provided which will teach you the skills of Voice Dialogue facilitation plus allow for deep inner transformation.

Level One

This first level is a weekend experiential workshop introducing the underlying theory of Voice Dialogue and the fundamentals of the facilitation process. You will learn amazing information about how your mind and personality are structured. Voice Dialogue develops an awareness of your inner selves and their functioning in your life which can enable you to release past patterning and integrate whole new ways of being. This understanding can free you from restrictions in all areas of your life to help you attain your relationship, career, financial and personal goals.

Over the weekend we will be covering information on the aware ego process, how your sub- personalities have been developed, including your primary and disowned selves, working with energy and how to tie it all together when facilitating. The course will give you the opportunity for comfortable self exploration and learning as well as developing facilitation skills for you to use at home.

The information and techniques you will learn can enhance your daily experiences, enabling you to bring true choice and awareness into your reactions and decisions, thereby giving you a real experience of your own personal power and creativity.

The workshop is suitable for anyone committed to their own growth and will greatly enhance private sessions with a facilitator as well as giving you the skills to begin using Voice Dialogue with a friend or partner.

Level Two 

In this level we will explore how the aware ego process frees us from all the patterning and restrictions we have so far lived through. You will be learning about bonding patterns in relationships, whether personal or business and how this information can start to really free you from the old habits of reactivity and blame. Learn how your primary and disowned selves impact your choice of partners and friends. As you have already discovered while there may be a technical skill that you are learning the majority of the magic comes from the insights and growth that you experience personally.

Level Three

In this level you will be exploring how to dialogue with dream figures, how to do body dialogue, and how to work with the shadow parts of us. You will also be learning about the sometimes debilitating opinions of the inner critic and how it can keep us completely stuck within its confines. Discover essential ways to successfully unhook from the inner critic’s voice so that you can explore the truth of who you are.

Level Four 

In this level you will be expanding your facilitation skills set so that you can become more effective and more confident with the process. You will also deepen an understanding of relationships and bonding patterns as well as discovering how archetypes impact our psyches. This deep personal work allows you to be able to facilitate many more aspects of people you may work with and to become a richer and deeper human being.

Michael Rowland, author of ‘Absolute Happiness’, says that Voice Dialogue is the single most important technique he has learnt and the one that has allowed him to have such a successful career and marriage.

Read what past participants have to say about Voice Dialogue Training:

“Thank you for the greatest weekend of mind learning and internal growth I have ever had” -G. Keath, QLD

“The results of Voice Dialogue are instant- so revealing in a very safe space. It’s revolutionary, amazing, powerful and sincere” – D. Holzworth, QLD

“Finally I can breath out. The information learnt this weekend is invaluable” -D.Vaughan, SA

“I found this workshop to be fascinating, enlightening and freeing. I believe the material I have learned will make a huge positive difference in my life. Thank you Annie, the course was most enjoyable” – L.Ford, Child care provider, WA

“The past weekend has been an amazing opportunity for me where insights into my psychological self is concerned. The liberation that comes from knowing that I have the power and freedom to be the best that I can be and achieve my maximum potential using Voice Dialogue is awesome. Thank you!” – R. Srisethi, Student, WA

“This course revealed to me without any doubt that we human beings are composed of a multitude of different selves, all arising from different circumstances and events, then running our lives. For anyone really wanting to understand themselves and by extension the variety of relationships in their lives, this course, ably and sensitively conducted by Annie Stoker, is the best they’ll find” – P. de Laeter, Lawn mowing Contractor, WA

“Thank you Annie- you were very clear. I found the workshop very rewarding and I have the knowledge now on how to use my sub-personalities. Thank you so much.” – J. Allan, Road worker, WA

“Voice Dialogue was great for me, as it enabled me to realise I now have a choice. You were great Annie and made it very easy for me to learn. I got a lot of insights into myself which will only better my growth. Thank you Annie”. – C. Taylor, WA

“Well worth the effort to attend if you’re interested in pursuing your own personal growth. The weekends have been highly rewarding and exciting. I highly recommend the course to anyone. Thanks Annie.” – D. Daly, WA

“The course was great! It has opened up a whole new range of possibilities for being. Very exciting!!” – J. Rosenberg, Manager, WA

“Letting go of all my defences or my armour so to speak and understanding why and what purpose they served in my life was a truly liberating experience. Getting to my authentic self and learning that I do have a choice in the way I am in the world was priceless. Annie is a knowledgeable and supportive teacher and I am so glad she walked this path with me. Thank you.” – Zora Harvie, Counsellor, WA

“As there are many parts to my personality that mnake up a whole it was great to have the freedom to explore these with laughter, amazement and curiosity. As Socrates states ‘Know thy self’, Voice Dialogue states ‘Know thy Selves’!” – Angela West, Hospital admissions officer, WA

“The realisation that sub-personalities control us and that we can learn to separate from them is, in my view, an essential tool for every human. To learn that we have the potential for every behaviour and conscious choice of when we use these energies has served to expand my awareness.” D. Marshall, WA

“You will learn amazing insights about yourself. You’ll discover aspects of yourself you never knew you had. You’ll deal with blockages and overcome issues you thought were insurmountable. You will see yourself in another light and become stronger, happier and freer”. J. Gillingham, School teacher, WA

“A life changing experience. All relationships are more open, honest and loving. I can now look at ‘negative’ thoughts and beliefs with curiosity and interest. I’ve found freedom being in life”. – Vickie Malho, Accounts clerk, WA

“I found this an amazing and dynamic course. I was excited by all of it and amazed that for the four weekends I was totally engaged and captivated by what we were learning. I have found a lot of freedom and peace during this course and leave with an excitement and desire to continue learning as much as possible about this wonderful process” – Karen Tilley, WA

“We have all had experiences where part of us wants to do something and another part doesn’t. Voice Dialogue is a way to talk with those parts and find out what they really want.” – Chris Shaw, Geologist, WA

“The course is fantastic, the content fantastic and the teacher fantastic! Voice Dialogue is a wonderful approach to understanding why you are the way you are and breaks down into bite size chunks the individual parts that give you your experiences. As a result you have a better understanding of how to have a more rounded, balanced life and how to just live in the moment.” – Jodi Shaw, Admin assistant, WA

Full price $2995

Early Bird Special for full payments before 1st March only $2495

Course price includes all notes, practice sessions, morning and afternoon teas, deep transformation, an amazing new skill or maybe even a new career and lots of fun!

There are many other trainings around that charge much more than this for just one weekend! This 4 weekend course represents huge value and with just 14 places available it will fill up very quickly. Don’t miss out!

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L.I.F.E. Training

(Living In Full Expression)

L.I.F.E Training Living in Full Expression

6 week course

Tuesday evenings 7.30pm – 9.30pm

This course offers experiential awareness training in the following
three modules:

Part 1 – Clear Mind

  • We will be examining your relationship with thought itself
  • Is your mind your master or your slave?
  • Do you know what thoughts are behind your challenges in life?
  • Find out what’s beyond believing your thoughts

Part 2 – Open Heart

  • We will be exploring the nature of feelings
  • How our preference for some emotions and dislike of others causes us unnecessary challenges
  • How much more open would your life be if you could accept all your feelings and remain content, no matter what is happening?

Part 3 – Full Expression

  • Once we are free from negative beliefs and able to remain calm with any feelings then we can explore the full spectrum of life fearlessly
  • What could true freedom look like for you?

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NLP Foundation Skills Training

3 Day Course

NLP Foundation Skills Training

Learn cutting edge, essential tools to:

  • Create instant rapport with others
  • Utilise language with awareness for maximum impact
  • Gain control of your mental and emotional state
  • Empower yourself and others with powerful tools for behavioural change
  • Become a powerful communicator
  • Eliminate internal conflicts around the accomplishment of goals
  • Learn cutting-edge tools for creating your ideal future
  • Harness the power of your unconscious mind for unprecedented success
  • Accelerate toward your personal vision

These skills are absolutely essential knowledge for anyone wanting to understand themselves, create powerful connections
with others and maximise their results in life.

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